8 Ways to declutter your life

Feel like giving areas of your life a spring clean? The good news is you don’t need to wait for the start of a new season or new year to clean out the clutter. Here are eight easy ways to lighten your load.

1 Make your bed every morning

This may seem like a small habit, but it can make a real difference to how productive and organised you feel for the rest of the day. Plus, a made-up bed instantly makes your bedroom look tidier and less cluttered.

2 Organise your living spaces

Don’t feel that you have to clear every corner of your home immediately. Identify which areas you want to tackle first and then systematically go through each room in your house. Decide what you want to keep, donate, recycle or throw out. Then store your ‘keep’ items in their designated place.

3 Keep surfaces clear

Having too many things scattered on tables and surfaces, whether mail, sets of keys, or shopping receipts, looks untidy and can make you feel stressed and anxious. Find a place for the things you need and put them there, rather than tossing them down on counters and tables.

4 Edit your wardrobe

Hanging on to clothes that you never wear? Go through your cupboards and keep items you love and wear regularly. Bag up the rest and donate them to a local charity. While getting rid of excess clothing can be hard, remember that you’re making space to introduce new items into your wardrobe.

6 Sort out your home office

Declutter your desk, file relevant papers, and make sure that all your important documents are safely and securely stored. These include ID books, passports, wills, insurance policies and title deeds.

7 Review your budget

It’s always a good idea to keep tabs on your finances so that you know where your money is going every month – and a budget is a great tool to help you do that. If you have one in place, now’s a good time to review it and see whether there are any areas where you can cut back and increase your savings contribution.

8 Check that your policies are up to date

Have you had any significant life changes since taking out your insurance policies, like getting married or having children? Take some time to review your cover to ensure that it is sufficient for your needs – and check that your list of beneficiaries is up to date.

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