5 Easy ways to avoid colds and flu this winter

It’s the season when sick co-workers arrive at work, sneezing, sniffling and coughing – and insisting that they’re just fine. And while it can be hard to avoid bugs doing the rounds at the office, there are a few precautions you can take to keep yourself healthy.

1 Wash your hands

Hand sanitiser can go a long way towards ridding your hands of germs that have been inadvertently passed on through handshakes, door handles or buttons in the lift. Another good idea is to keep anti-bacterial wipes handy and clean your keyboard and mouse every couple of weeks.

2 Get your flu shot

These days, plenty of companies sponsor flu shots, but if you miss out on getting a jab at the office, pop down to your local pharmacy or clinic and ask them to do it for you. Flu vaccines give you greater resistance to the current strains of flu, so even if you do end up getting sick, it’s likely that your body will be able to shake it off faster.

3 Feed your body the good stuff

If you’re trying to boost your immune system, be sure to give your body the food it needs to stay healthy. Eat enough fruit, vegetables and protein, and make sure that you drink plenty of fluids. And don’t forget to make the most of winter fruits like oranges, lemons, naartjies and grapefruit which are packed with flu-fighting vitamin C.

4 Don’t neglect those ZZZs

The days are shorter for a good reason in winter. Your body needs enough sleep to keep working at optimum capacity – and if you’re overtired, your immune system can take a knock. So, make sure you get about 7–9 hours of shut-eye each night, depending on your sleep needs.

5 Keep moving

Working out regularly enhances your immune function, so make sure you hit the gym or brave the chill and head outdoors for a walk or run. You’ll not only feel invigorated after working up a sweat, but if you keep it up, you’ll also be in better shape by the time summer rolls around.

Image: Bruce Mars from Pexels

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